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About Us

Kibble Games is an interactive entertainment company founded in 2010 by a group of gamers and game industry veterans.  Together we are creating the kind of games we want to play built in an environment we wanted to work in, creative, free, high quality and flexible.   Buts it’s more than that…

We are a group of gamers first.   Born from the regular Thursday night session and always wondering when the next great game will come walking in the door. Of course that means that some nights its just a board game, other a classic RPG and some nights when logistics and the real world intervene its a great online session.    When sub hunts and shooters first went online we were there.   When a certain classic fantasy RPG was launched online we were there.   When we went looking for our all time favorite Sci-Fi RPG we were disappointing to find it never made it online.

Well that was one of the seeds that started Kibble Games.    A company founded to bring this classic title to life online, one little bit at a time.     Come follow our journey “help us along and we’ll make it available for everybody”  is what we said.   It sounded so good we said it out loud.   Why not was the battle cry amongst the group.   We always loved the game, we have acquired the skills so now we are saying it louder, come with us, make it a reality, and what’s more we’ll share it with everybody, free.   Seriously.