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Why work for us

At Kibble Games, we believe that by treating people well we enable them to better tap into their creative energy and produce superior games. We know our staff have lives, families, and activities outside of work – as they should – and that by respecting this we enable them to maintain a balanced life. This gives them the energy and passion to focus and be creative when they sharpen their pencils and work on our games. The result is a higher quality gaming experience that exudes the passion that has gone into creating it.

We want the people who genuinely have fun solving challenging technical and creative problems. Our goal is to provide a positive, challenging environment that enables your work to be your best, and we require nothing less than your best. We require cool innovative ideas, and if we don’t use them today we park them and re-evaluate them regularly. We reward everyone for creativity, innovation, and especially for lateral thinking.

We promise challenging problems and the time and environment to solve them creatively.

With new and emerging publishing models its time to find better ways build and deliver games. Rather than create huge monolithic games that ship every 24 months on a designated day – at the cost of 30% attrition to the team due to stress and burn-out – our goal at Kibble Games is to constantly deliver smaller, high-quality gaming episodes that gives our people a more balanced life and encourages talent to invest in the long-term success of the company. While lots of companies claim no overtime, we are the first to admit that it is a reality that is sometimes required. But it is never expected.

Contact us if you think you share our values.