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Where did the name Kibble Games come from?

A brief history of a kibble. In the historical sense, a kibble is a large bucket used to haul ore out of a vertical mine shaft. Typically iron or coal. Back in the day when horses drew the mine tailings up out of the shafts with a rope and a pulley, they hauled up kibbles.

The buckets were large containers with rounded ends so as to not catch on the sides of the mine shaft on the way up. Now as all things happen as we humans progress, the kibbles gave way to ever better and better technology and would probably be lost in a museum except….

A certain company in the 20th century started to produce dry dog food, and the little pellets they created looked a lot like, well little kibbles. Of course you dump a lot of these pressed pellets into a bag of some sort and there is bound to be some breakage, some bits that fall apart. I think you can guess the rest.

But games? Well a lot of things got me to the name.

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