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2010 The Year Indie Games Strike Gold

As the gaming industry changes and morphs we see many studios shift and downsize and try to find that balance between creativity and profitability. We all played saw Red Dead Redemption, or played a version of Call of Duty, or perhaps Halo: Reach or God of War III or Super Mario Galaxy 2. But to those paying a little closer attention, this was the year of the little guy. If nothing else 2010 brought back the notion that a few people with a great idea really could make great games again.

With a scraped together budgets a small but growing (in both quality and quantity) of indie hits provided just as much fun — and in some cases, earned their tiny development teams a small fortune. I guess we can thank the resurgence of PC gaming and a plethora of handhelds with more processing power than my first 386 for that.

Check out this list of some of the best of 2010 on the yahoo games blog.

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